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Balance Training Equipment

Balance Training Equipment

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1 4 Chinese Exercise Baoding Balls Dark Grey Natural Jade Health Stress Relieve BS021 OLHCCXRFT

£11.57 £20.32

PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES - Product Specifications:3.3inX2.4inX1.7in. Including: 2 balls (One pair),Product Size: Each ball height (about) 1.4in, total (about) weight: 180g.PRODUCT MATERIAL - Made of beautiful corundum marble.HEALTH BALL - The color of the ball: black gray,color is beautiful.The packing of the box is red,Very beautiful colors.PRODUCT BENEFIT - Health ball is a traditional folk fitness eq..

2 Marble Orange Baoding Balls Health Exercise Massage Balls Stress Relieve Hand Exercise BS026 EKGMTLKUZ

£12.26 £21.90

PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES - Product Specifications:5inX2.7inX2.7in. Including: 2 balls (One pair),Product Size: Each ball height (about) 5cm, total (about) weight: 17oz.PRODUCT MATERIAL - Made of beautiful corundum marble.HEALTH BALL - The color of the ball: orange,color is beautiful.The packing of the box is red,Very beautiful colors.PRODUCT BENEFIT - Health ball is a traditional folk fitness equipment,..

2 Pack of 100 Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant Lube Easy to Apply Lubrication Made in the USA KLMGKBHSG

£42.53 £74.32

100% silicone treadmill lubricant for treadmill belts, custom formulated for a wide range of treadmills, including home / personal, commercial / gym / heavy-duty / professional, compact, folding, and more2 pack of 4oz EZ-Squeeze bottle with precision twist top simplifies the application process for your belt / deck; whether you call it lube, grease, oil, liquid, spray or gel, this NO ODOR product ..

2Pcs Lot Ball Massage Foot Sports Balance Hedgehog Half Ball Pimples Pilates Ball for Yoga Fitness Gymnastics Exercise IZFKTHZXV

£14.32 £24.87

HIGH QUALITY: This product is made of PVC material, safe, flexible and comfortable.FEET-THERAPY: Sturdy surface is good for massaging your skin to stimulate blood circulation, relax nerve endings and strengthen the agility of the body.BALANCE TRAINING: The base is used to improve balance and coordination ability.ANTI-SLIP BACKGROUND: There are non-slip circles at the bottom of this product, make s..

Abs Abdominal Exercise Wheel Fitness Stomach Cruncher Strength Training Roller YIQJYAUYA

£12.59 £21.86

This ab roller is an inexpensive and seemingly innocuous device that presents quite a challenge. It seems simple enough...but it is the best exercise for the abs. Combine with an effective aerobic programme and guaranteed to flatten that gut! The ab roller is an amazing, simple and low cost tool to help tone your abdominal muscles and core, and give you that perfect 6 pack. The simple exercise wil..

Adjustable Stretch Board Rubber Wood Plantar Fasciitis Slant Board with Acupressure Massage NPNMOYDLD

£100.39 £176.50

The material is rubber wood, fixed by high quality hardware, to ensure the safety of use.Removable baffle to meet different needsThe surface is covered with raised hemisphere, which can effectively stimulate the plantarFully adjustable the stretch board has 4/9 angle settingsIdeal for stretching the calfs and hamstringsUsed to help treat achilles tendon injuries and plantar fascilitisMaterial:rubb..

Airex Balance Pad Elite Slightly Patterned 50 Cm X 41 Cm X 6 Cm Blue IIBQBHXJQ

£48.58 £84.96

Balance Pads are idea for improving balance, posture, coordination, and most suited to injury prevention, physiotherapy and Pilates and Yoga Textured surface for non-slip Do not use trainers when exercising with the Balance PadAIREX balance Pads, The Aired balance pad Elite is ideal for balance and posture stability training and helps to improve motor-skill training. Similar to the Aired balance b..

Airex Balance Pad Mini Coordination Balance Trainer Balance Cushion Mat ZZFBHPDZR

£31.65 £56.04

Size: Approx. 41x 25x 6cmCan be used on both sidesEasy on the joints3D buffer effectSkin-friendlyAirex Balance Pad MiniThe balance pad mini was specially developed for requirements in the functional training and also ideally suited for carrying around. As well as be used as an active training tool it is comfortable for training good support in anleiten. The smaller surface is ideal for Einbeinige ..

Amber Athletics Gear Hammer Competition Throwing Gloves Fingerless with Hook and Loop Closure Left Hand RTBBYEPCR

£12.83 £23.40

Made of fine leatherSpecially designed, cut fingerBroad leather strap and Velcro for wrist supportLeft hand gloveSold individuallyMade of fine leather. Specially designed, cut finger. Broad leather strap and Velcro for wrist support. Left hand glove. Sold Individually. Amber Athletics Gear Hammer Competition Throwing Gloves Fingerless with Hook and Loop Closure Left Hand RTBBYEPCR..

APig Pilates Gym Ball Gymnic Exercise Soft Ball Bearing up to 4000 lbs 5 Colours & 2 Sizes Available BUURPXHUW

£9.32 £15.86

Pilates ball for pelvic floor exercises. Help develop core strength, endurance and flexibility. Perfect for abdominal muscle training and neck massage.Made of environmentally friendly PVC material. No toxic and harmless. 2mm thickness, anti-burst and durable, the trainning ball can resist up to 4000 lbs.Matte surface. Anti-slip and easy to grip.20cm/ 25cm in diameter, no occupy much space, easy to..

Aszhdfihas Mini Stepper Elderly Upper And Lower Extremity Exercise Bike HMOBXYVXA

£51.85 £90.71

Product material:steel pipe,pvc plastic.,Design:small size,no space.Display:Shows exercise time,step count,and planned exercise.Applicable scene:fitness equipment,fitness and body,scope of application:family,gym and other fitness places.Features:Burn calories,gain muscle tone,and improve overall health with this ultra-efficient,home elliptical trainer and stationary exercise bike workout machine.O..

Baoblaze High Density Foam Roller Yoga Massage Trigger Point Muscle Roller Sports Gym ZPFZUEUGW

£8.04 £14.43

Made of EPP material,non-toxic, lightweight, and easy to clean.Sturdy, high density foam holds its shape for long-term use and effective deep-tissue massage.Foam rolling is for different stretch and massage, helps lengthen specific muscle groups.Great for flexibility & reducing pain in your back, pecs, lats, glutes, thighs, calves, feet & hip flexors.Great for yoga, pilates, weight training,balanc..

Basic Mobile Vibration Plate Black Gold Black Red Functional Fitness ZHPVKBPVN

£161.53 £285.99

As Basic is very compact and can stay where you want them to. With a length of approx. 80cm and a weight of approx. 16kg, this is a vibration plate always provides an intense workout experience.The frequency range from 5to 15Hz can be adjusted to 20different speeds. It is operated by with an overall included remote control allowing you to adjust 4training programs.The vibration plate is thanks to ..

BHUE Training Mask High Altitude Conditioning Sports Mask For Running Cycling Outdoor For Unisex SGPIOEPVD

£32.86 £57.97

Train your breathing muscles and increase your performance in any sportChange resistance levels rarely during training without taking your mask offUltra lightweight, anatomically designed sleeve that will not slip during trainingUse of only the best, hygienic and anti allergic materialsEasy to disassemble, clean and washSize - S: about 10.1 cm in width. Size - M: about 11.4 cm in width. Size - L: ..

Bintiva Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Swiss Birthing Gym Ball IBDCPWVHC

£14.35 £25.17

Exercise ball is crafted from professional grade, anti-burst, phthalate free, green, eco friendly materials.Textured non slip material ensures safety when being used as a birthing ball, or ball chairSee product description for sizing guidelines.Swiss ball promotes core stability, strengthens muscle tone, improves balance and body posture. Stability ball provides ergonomic seating, relieves back pa..

Black Mountain Products Peanut Stability Ball with 1000 lb Static Weight Capacity Pump LROCRREHD

£12.25 £21.97

Professional grade peanut style stability ball.Includes ball pump and starter brochure.Each peanut ball measures 14 inches tall in center and 32 inches wide.Used to improve stability, balance, strength, and overall flexibility.Black Mountain Products offers full lifetime warranty.Black Mountain professional grade peanut stability ball allows you to improve your core strength, balance, and overall ..

Blackroll Orange the original THE self-massage roller incl exercise DVD booklet and exercise poster PMHOLRLML

£27.86 £49.92

Intensive self-massage with the PRO version - Active regeneration and improved circulationFor preventing and treating muscle pain and loosening fascia adhesions (connective tissue)Ideal warming up before sports and recovering afterwardsLarge variety of exercises with applications when or standing and lying downIncluded in delivery: 1 x blackroll orange, PRO, incl. exercise DVD, exercise poster and..

BOBBLY universal exercise ball in varying sizes and colours ISTIEDBKY

£5.70 £9.99

Universal exercise ball with plus closure in different sizesPhthalate-free * Rupture-proof to 300 kg * Every ball comes with pump 55 cm: 992 g; for heights up to 140 cm * 65 cm: 1,200 g, heights 141 - 155 cm 75 cm: 1,623.5 g; Heights 156 - 175 cm * 85 cm: 1,805.5 g; Heights 176 - 185 cmBall Material: PVC (phthalate-free) * Pump material: PPBOBBLY universal exercise ball by BB Sport in varying si..

Body Toning Women s Neoprene Dumbbell Set Multi-Colour BWJRLEGPW

£15.03 £26.39

Neoprene PVC non-Slip GripComes with Free Carry Casenon-marking 'Floor Friendly'Each set come with a Free Carry case and with different colour sleek looking weights. Tone your Body and get that perfect physique! Weights can be used for strength based exercises as well as Cardio routines. Body Toning Women s Neoprene Dumbbell Set Multi-Colour BWJRLEGPW..

BodyRip Grid Foam Massage Roller 90cmBlack ENJCALPRR

£11.20 £20.33

Designed roller acts as an alternative to the massage therapistWhile the bumps provide thumb effect, the flat surface works as palm.You can target specific body parts and trigger points to relieve strain.The roller not only helps in speedy healing of muscle tissue injuries but also improves blood circulation.Excellent equipment can also be used in Yoga / Pilates / Fitness as a replacement to regul..

Bosu Balance Trainer Home Edition KGKIAGFOV

£127.13 £225.03

Balance ball trainer for strengthening and coordinating core musclesSupports squats, bicep curls, shoulder raises, crunches, and moreStrengthens, trims, and tones while improving balance and coordinationIncludes workout DVD, foot pump, and exercise manualCombines physical and mental focus; measures 55 cm in diameterThe BOSU Balance Trainer Home Edition is an ideal training tool for home use. The o..

BSN CREPE BANDAGES Propax Crepe BP Wool Crepe Bandage 72084-02 FGCQGSYKG

£21.46 £37.68

Hand & Wrist Support BandageFast & Express DeliveryProvided By BSNPremium clinical performanceMaintains warmthBSN CREPE BANDAGES Propax Crepe BP Wool Crepe Bandage 72084-02 FGCQGSYKG..

BSN Exudate Management Cutimed Siltec Sorbact Sacrum 79929-05 QEAJSHSIW

£71.35 £125.19

Hand & Wrist Support BandageFast & Express DeliveryProvided By BSNRemoves damaged or dead tissue from the wound so it can heal easierDesigned to prevent healing tissue being removed when the dressing is changed, helping the wound to heal and reducing patient painBSN Exudate Management Cutimed Siltec Sorbact Sacrum 79929-05 QEAJSHSIW..

BSN Exudate Management sorbion sachet XL 45cm x 25cm 1 x 5 73240-01 HSHABOEAD

£131.02 £232.13

Hand & Wrist Support BandageFast & Express DeliveryProvided By BSNMore convenient with the use of a single dressingProtection against maceration and skin irritationBSN Exudate Management ,sorbion sachet XL ,73240-01 *Wound dressing for treating extencive wounds •The shape and size of Cutimed Sorbion Sachet XL has been specially designed to treat moderately to highly exuding difficult-to-dress woun..

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